Who am I?

I believe in transparency and honesty in communication and will do everything in my abilities to support the authors I work with and their career aspirations.

I am not a New York resident, nor has my career followed a traditional model - if that isn't a fit for you that is okay. I am open an honest about being a new agent with my authors.

I have experience in sales, recruiting, marketing plan development, contract negotiations, royalty payments, textbook wholesale, and am comfortable with working hard and learning. I spent nearly a decade saving up, learning, completing the Denver Publishing Institute to grow my network and knowledge in the field. I continue to engage in virtual events for authors and publishers and I believe I can be a good advocate for my clients.

As a cis gay male who grew up feeling silenced and bullied I identify strongly with stories from voices that we don't hear enough.

I've sold books and worked in libraries where I assisted with book ordering. I am new to being an agent, but the skills and knowledge I bring aren't insignificant.

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