Bad Decision Parade

People talk about plot or character driven stories. I think that broadly while I agree with that separation I think there are a variety of nuances and combinations that make a significant difference. I enjoy all of them. Except the bad decision parades, but I'll get to those in a minute.

Sometimes I just want to read something easy and light and consumable. Like chips or cookies or grapes that you can pop in your mouth one after another and they're delicious and fun. Those are often fun or interesting characters like the InCryptid series by Seannan McGuire or the Chronicles of Elantra series by Michele Sagara. The characters and plot are witty and fast.

Other times I'm interested in sweeping epics like the House War series by

Michele West (a.k.a. Michele Sagara). The writing is rich and the backstory of the world and the people is enthralling. The characters are distinct and powerful.

What I never, ever, want to read is the bad decision parade. You know the ones I'm talking about - you hate every character at some point in the book or series. You scream at events and decisions as they unfold or chew on the pages. That last one might just be me. I find these too close to the frustration I feel every day at people and I find it is more frustrating than enjoyable.

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